What does mean you dream about Flooding?

What does mean you dream about Flooding?

Dream about Flooding – When you usually dreamed of a flood, such a dream is a warning that in large amounts symbolizes something. It could mean the increase of money, difficulties, barriers, friends, jobs, uncertainty, concerns, annoyances, etc. If you saw a flood in your vision, in all its energy, such a dream could be a signal to address your emotional problems and release your repressed emotions and frustration so that you can move forward with your life.

If you've dreamed you've seen a flood rising rapidly, the dream isn't a good sign, and it suggests a tragedy. This vision also predicts illness.

If you experienced a flood in your dream from afar, this dream that mean some important event that will happen soon in your life that may change your way of thinking and doing things.

If in your dream you experienced a flood approaching you rapidly, such a dream could suggest that you are unable to quickly adapt to the changes in circumstances that occur in your life. It may also imply a stagnant time in your life before you learn to adapt.

If in your dream you were a victim of a flood, such a dream may mean that your actions causes a lot of pain to people close to you.

When you saw people in your dream bring floodwater, such a dream is a bad sign.

Such a vision is a good sign if you saw or traveled across flooded areas, showing your peace.

When you dreamed of finding yourself in the midst of a storm, this dream is not a good sign, possibly indicating the need to release your accumulated sexual tension and desires.

If you dreamed that you were in your bedroom, surrounded by flood water, and that your house collapsed under the weight of water, the dream is not a good sign.

If the water receded, this dream can suggest a loss of the fight in your life against some bad circumstances. 

If you've dreamed that you've been cleaning the water caused by the flood, the dream suggests that you've already started to tackle these unwelcome problems, trying to address them.