What does mean you dream about Lizards?

What does mean you dream about Lizards?

Dream about Lizards – If you've dreamed of seeing a live lizard or a lizard photo without many more details, such a vision isn't a good sign, and it's usually a tip. It may be an indication that your competitors and enemies will target you in the near future, either at work or in your private life.

If you saw a lizard creeping in your vision, you should be conscious of such a dream that could mean a sneaky person from your area.

When you dreamed of a lizard attacking you or someone else, a dream of this kind might not be a good sign, suggesting the likelihood that someone near could disturb you. This person may be able to prevent you from doing something you want and you have worked hard to accomplish.

If you have dreamed of attacking a lizard, your dream could reveal your battle to trust your intuition and instincts.

If you've dreamed of running away from a lizard, this dream can mean refusing or running away from something you're afraid of. This vision may sometimes be a warning that your thoughts and impulses are ignored.

Such a dream is not a good sign when you dreamed of seeing a dead lizard. It could be a sign of your spouse or partner's deception and betrayal in the near future.

To dream of catching a lizard. If you caught a lizard in your vision, learning to trust your instincts could represent such a dream.

If in your dream you killed a lizard, such a dream could show your desire to restore your reputation and good name.