What does mean you dream about My father?

What does mean you dream about My father?

Dream about My father – A father in one's dream is a fascinating sign. There is one exception to the rule regarding other people's dreams and that is family dreams.

Having your dad in your dreams is a way to ask yourself how you can show authority, right, strength, and influence in your life. 

Hitting your dad in your dream means you have to figure out your relationship with him, which includes a closer relationship with him. 

In your vision, seeing your dad angry with you reflects your personal resentment toward him. This might also mean that he disapproves of something you're trying to do or that you're going to decide.

Disconnecting your parents is the primary cause of getting a girlfriend / mistress dreaming of your husband.

Your father's wasted, dumb, and incapable means you're free from emotional repression while an unlikely aid is about to come when your father's awake or sick in your dream.

If you see your father marrying someone, this may mean that someone on the surface is not who they are. To dream of seeing your father marry someone (not your mother) can indicate a positive path to be reached in life in a profession.