What does mean you dream about An old house?

What does mean you dream about An old house?

Dream about An old house – Seeing an old house is like seeing the past and your place in the world.

When you see an old house dilapidated, not decorated, or not cared for in a dream–this is a sign that in your own life you don't take care of things.  

Building and putting in a dream to an old house is a sign of growth and maintenance. It can be a good health sign–particularly when you're painting a building. Healing colors when painting a house are gold, blue, and green.

It's an alarm dream when you see an old house on fire. This vision tells you there are things that need to be let go or killed in your life because they're bad for you.  

This is a positive sign of going up in the world when you visit or step into an old house in a dream. 

It indicates you're lost in your own thoughts if you get stuck inside an old house and can signify a family member's anxiety or pressure.

If you buy a house or are looking for a new home, it can be a good or bad sign to dream of an old house. 

This is a good sign if the old house is sturdy and solid. Similarly, if the house is a bad old home, you may want to be vigilant about a particular place in the waking world you've been looking at.