What does mean you dream about Pooping?

What does mean you dream about Pooping?

Dream about Pooping – Symbolically, Poop dreams can signify the removal of unnecessary and toxic feelings and emotions that you have.

If the poop was yours, may your dream means that you want a clear result of some circumstance.

If you saw in your vision someone's feces, perhaps such a dream shows your envy of the wealth or achievements of others.

Such a dream could suggest a small victory in the near future if you dreamed of a bird pooping on you.

If you've dreamed that you've been pooping in public somewhere, this dream might suggest showing your riches to others. This dream also means that somebody will borrow money from you.

If you dreamed that you were pooping in a bathroom next to someone without dividers in the toilet, this dream may mean comparing your wealth to the wealth of others.

If you were ashamed of public pooping, your vision could show that you don't feel worthy of the money you've got.

Such a dream would show the need to release your accumulated negative emotions if you thought you were pooping in a toilet.

If you dreamed that you were suffering from constipation and that you couldn't poop, that dream could mean that you were tight–twisted with your cash, often refusing to spend even on basic needs.