What does mean you dream about A wolf?

What does mean you dream about A wolf?

Dream about A wolf – Wolf symbolizes strength, isolation, self-confidence, and faith in dreams. 

A dream of being attacked by a wolf means you go into an uncontrollable situation where your life is consumed.

This refers to your need to be left alone when a wolf runs alone or away from you. When coping with your own personal issues or jobs, you may want to be alone.

A wolf chasing you in the vision indicates that you are landing in an abusive relationship by someone's obsession or addiction. You can feel out of control cornered and powerless. 

Dreaming of a howling wolf is a result of someone crying for help and comfort in your waking life.

It often means some sort of deception, depending on the body part being bitten by the wolf. 

Hostility and violence are portrayed by a growling wolf in dreams. Maybe in waking life you feel threatened, you want to show off your limits and hope others are going back.

Dreams of battling wolves again mean you fight for survival. The vision includes you battling a strong opponent for your survival.

To eat wolf meat or other pieces of the dog, say that you can swallow your pride and blend with ease and grace in any case. Your goal is to survive at any cost.

A dream that you're killing a wolf implies deceit, you're doing some acts that will harm another's interest deeply.